Reincarnation and Déjà vu

I have a friend who’s not a buddhist, but she tends to believe in reincarnation. I respect her for her belief, but of course it doesn’t mean that I do believe her.

But, just a thought. If reincarnation is true, am I already a reincarnated version of human flesh? So what am I before? I’d like to think that I’m an animal before, maybe a wild animal, but before I died I have accepted Jesus Christ in my heart (as my Lord and savior), ok, I’m sorry, it’s kinda weird to put Christ in this kind of discussion. Anyway, so maybe I’m a wild animal who did nothing but destroy the forest, and eat my fellow animals, but before I died, I was enlightened and so I was reincarnated as human.

I’d like to think that specific pattern, than to think that I’m a saint before, and then I did something wrong, and was reincarnated as an ordinary human with so many sins.

If I will die today, and be reincarnated afterwards, I wish I’d be someone better than I am now, maybe a lot taller (just a bit taller than I am now), and a lot wiser. I wish I’d be a lot better, a lot kind, and a lot understanding. Coz’ if that happens, I could finally say that I’ve been good enough to be granted by a better reincarnated identity.

What do you think you would be if you will be reincarnated?

What do you think you would be if you will be reincarnated?

Moving from a different angle, I suddenly thought of another phenomenon which we called Déjà vu (phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has been experienced in the past, whether it has actually happened or not). Honestly, sometimes I have a wild feeling that what’s happening to me during that time had already happened before, or when I go to a place that I believe is very new to me, but there’s a slight feeling or belief that I’ve been there for many times.

And so, I tend to correlate reincarnation with déjà vu. Maybe because we’re reincarnated, we find some things familiar to us. Maybe you’ve been there during your first life, or maybe you’ve met that person already, maybe you were friends before.

I entitled my blog as “My Thoughts”, meaning these are just random thoughts from my full-of-crazy-stuff mind, and it doesn’t explain or showcase my belief as a Christian, as a daughter, as a friend, as a lover (soon), and as a person.

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